Business Law

Business law – services and information

Do you need a highly qualified legal advice, a legal investigation, an expert witness statement or convincing arguments on the contents of Swedish contract or company law or international contract law from one of the most qualified and experienced Swedish lawyers in these fields? Or do you need the assistance of a highly qualified arbitrator?

Iusté Ltd is a small and independent Swedish business based on a uniquely high combined scientific and practical competence in the field of business law, especially Swedish and international contract law and procedural law (including arbitration) and also mainly Swedish company law. We are offering qualified services and information mainly to practicing lawyers on business law firms, banks and other companies.

It is through many years of practical experience focused on advanced solutions to complicated legal problems, combined with an ambitious and productive scientific legal research, that we have acquired our unique competence in the field of business law.

Iusté Ltd is based in Uppsala (Stockholm region). The company was founded in 1995 and is still run by Bert Lehrberg, PhD and the holder of a chair in civil (private) law at the renowned University of Uppsala, and his wife Elisabeth Lehrberg, PhD and associate professor of procedural law at the same university.